Flex Testing with FlexMonkey Reloaded: Introduction Video (Part 1)

I recently announced the beta release of FlexMonkey “Reloaded.” ¬†Through this multi-part blog series, I will give you a thorough introduction to the latest version of FlexMonkey. ¬† The screencast in this post will Introduce you to the latest version of FlexMonkey. To get a written overview of FlexMonkey Reloaded check out my recent article at Artima.com

Need help with Flex or FlexMonkey? Contact me here!

Download the sample used in this screencast from my FlexMonkey Resource Page.

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7 Responses to Flex Testing with FlexMonkey Reloaded: Introduction Video (Part 1)

  1. Dimitri K says:

    Hi Jon Rose,
    Maybe you have hit the wrong setting in YouTube, because the video appears to be private and can’t be viewed…

    Anyway, congrats for your reload, look forward to having the time to test it out…

  2. jonr says:

    Ah, thanks for pointing that out. Give it a try now.

  3. Dimitri K says:

    Thank you :)

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  5. Jacob F says:

    I am trying to connect FlexMonkey Reloaded 5.0.03 to my Flex 4.1 AIR applications for testing and am having a strange issue. I tried it with your TwitterClient sample application and another basic test application that I have and it worked fine. When I try to connect it to my other applications though it connects, however my applications do not recognize any mouse interactions. This happens after adding the compiler arguments and running my apps. If I remove the additional compiler arguments then the app works fine again. I was able to tab into a text field and type some text in and FlexMonkey recorded that interaction just fine. Do you have any insight as to why my apps stop recognizing the mouse after the compiler arguments from FlexMonkey are added to the project?

  6. jonr says:

    Nothing comes to mind off hand. Does this still happen if you just include the automaton libs, and not the FlexMonkey libs?

  7. Jacob F says:

    Thanks for your response. It seems my problem is related to the automation_agent.swc, so it is not a problem specifically with FlexMonkey. Hopefully I can figure out why the automation agent is not working with some of my apps because FlexMonkey Reloaded looks really awesome and I really want to use it.
    Thanks again.

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